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Brigada Intergeneracional (or in English: Intergenerational Brigade) is an open collective of musicians, mainly, but open to all kinds of artists and common people who wants to give a closer vision of our recent history through memories of ancestors, close relatives or any experience that can help to build the collective knowledge of a common past silenced for too many years. It started with this blog on the 24th of September 2013 and had its first public event on the 22nd of March 2014 with a collective concert of around 20 musicians, a poet, an actress, a designer, etc. Since then the collective has organised every year a whole day of activities to remember the Ebro Battle (the first in Corbera d’Ebre, the second in la Fatarella and the third in Falset). There has been also many collaborations in memorialistic activities. Recently they have released their second CD with 17 tracks.




This Blog is attempting to raise awareness of the need for knowledge of our silenced recent history, especially from the 1930′s until today. The Second Spanish Republic, the Spanish Civil War and the oppression under Franco’s Dictatorship as well as how democracy has been rebuilt without complete freedom of speech due to the legacy of 40 years of fear. Fear within families to speak about what happened, fear of another Military Coup, fear within the whole society by trying to avoid to talk about the past. Many books have been published since the Democracic Transition but there has been an almost complete silence in the mass media and education. So in Spain for many decades we only have had one vision of what happened and the issues have been forgotten, specially in the youngest generations. The last survivors of the Spanish Civil War are dying and most of young people are not interested because nobody has told them about it. We need to be aware and conscious of what the Spanish Civil War meant for Spain, for Europe and the whole world and that is why we have created this collective and this blog to try and engage all the layers of society and all ages, that’s why it is and has to be Intergenerational.



The origin of this project was during the 75th anniversary of the Ebro Battle on the 25th of July 2013 on Hill 705 in the Serra Pandols when it was announced that the next year would be the last time that they would organise the meeting in memoriam to people who suffered and died in this battle. The survivors are too old to carry on with it and they asked people and institutions to continue the event every year. They ask not to leave the monument on Hill 705 die, because it is very important to remember what happened. As Joan Guasch (a soldier from that Battle) said: “There are things that never should die, things like Peace, Freedom and Justice”. My great uncle died in that battle and since this 25th of July of 2013 I’ve started to create this collective with the help of friend Alan Warren. We have to keep alive the memory of that Battle and all of our recent history, as the last surviving “Quinta del Biberón” (Baby Bottle Soldiers) have done so for the last 25 years on Hill 705. The first post of the blog is about my great uncle and was published the 24th of September, the 75th anniversary of his death near this Hill on his eighteenth birthday.

Any suggestions and collaborations from people interested in Spain and also from abroad are welcome for the blog or to discuss any of the activities we are going to organise. We hope soon to have all the posts translated into English and apologise about not having them ready yet.

Please feel free to contact us with ideas and suggestions to work together on various projects on:
Dani Morén, coordinator of BIG.


2 Responses to BIG in English

  1. Mike Sam Wild says:

    A great project . Let us not forget the international solidarity in these dangerous times. Europe is in a risky state once again like the 1930s

  2. Matthew Kopka says:

    Congratulations! This is beautiful. I am the American son of a German woman who grew up in the shadows of Mathausen–she could see the smoke from her windows as a girl. One of my best friends’ uncles, from Lleida, died there. I just watched Ruso Sala’s tribute; I cried and cried. This work is very important; I salute you. Un fuerte abrazo a tots!

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